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Who makes the “friendship bracelet”? How do they present it to their friend? How does friend react? (Note—the term “friendship bracelet” can be used loosely here. It can be anything from a hand-made bead bracelet to a vial of a mutual enemy’s tears) 

im laughing Because I already wrote this scene for my sims OTP and we all know how it ends xD 


does anyone have a mirror download or something to this:


I wish my style wasn’t like hers. IDK where she went, but she took her blog down:(

all of her stuff is here! https://www.mediafire.com/folder/m8i2cf317fagn/ilyfs_dl

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I’m jealous lol!

heh, its not as nice as it sounds, living on an island has a lot its downsides (like shipping. even express shipping takes like, 2 weeks, and dont even talk to me about ground shipping)


I’m probably biased but he’s the cutest toddler ever Y.Y

idk he’s pretty cute :3

Are you in Australia ?

nope! the most eastern point of canada! 

And at 9:30 my dash goes dead, and I wait for the next round of simmers to log on for the day
I hate my timezone
everyone always leaves me ;-; 

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My dog runs away from her own farts! Haha! It’s so funny! Dogs are adorable dorks!

They are xD My other dog leaves the room whenever he hears a fart xD HE ISN’T TAKING ANY CHANCES 

My dog scares herself when she farts and has to be cuddled

idk anymore

Thinking about making a simstagram…


Whats the community like over there?

I’ve given it an evenings worth of thought (which is about as much thought as I give anything) and I decided to make a simstagram! I know a lot of people said “dont do it, drama, 11 year olds, whiney, thievery” but people say the exact same thing about the sims FB community and i’ve been a part of that for 3 years now and have made some amazing friends and I rarely ever see drama (except that time when everyone was getting tagged in real nudes and yeah….) So i think im gonna give this a try! Add me at plumbobswithafilter!

*spams you all with cute pics of Angel*