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Eyes Remplacement for The Sims 4

Hi !

I think I will be the first one to use the tag s4cc ! ;D

Even if I like the graphic style of the new Sims, I was a bit disappointed by the color choices for the eyes. Most of them were too saturated for me. Now that I’m able to change this, with the new version of s4pe, I want to share the result with you !

They are not perfect, but maybe they will be useful for you ! Just put the file in the Mods folder of the demo.

Download - Mediafire

is this real life

OMG! These look gorgeous in the demo!!!!!!



Time for more matte maxis matchy sims 3 skins! 

This one uses livelovepixels's SkinnyBurntCreatureWaffles as a base, I blended some abdominal areas from my other nnnilou blend. You can have a look at the body textures here and in-game here

I also blended a lovely nosemask from one of brntwaffles sets onto this skin as well as lids from Joedy’s Party Poison~ (and lips from moonskin93) All in all a pretty, matte skin that has some nose definition already, which frees up a blush slot. I personally always use nose blush/shaders so this was really just made for that reason.

The face png can be viewed here



ps. I have freckled, alien, zombie, and monolid variants of this planned as well, what would you all make of that?

:’D the most beautiful skin EVER.


Gaming/Geeky Shirts

I made these for personal use since Jack joined the video game career, I felt he needed some shirts for work. So, they aren’t perfect but I thought I’d share them anyway coz I’m such a generous bastard. Shirts are recolourable, stencils are not. As with all non recolourable stencils, some shirt colours look better than others.


Redbubble & Lookhuman for the images.


Please don’t reupload or claim as your own :)

Download: Mega


Alesso Kerli v2 - jinglestartk edit

  • Female, teen-elder
  • Mesh by Alesso, edit by js sims
  • Texture by Pastry-box
  • aWT AS action, control by me
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Any problems please message me

Download: mediafire


Hella Cute Stockings (not really)

Ok, so these are more like tights but who cares. They are hella cute. I saw them some time ago and I thought why not make them for sims, so yeah, here they are. Nothing fancy, just simple shapes in Photoshop. 

  • T-E (because elders would like to be hella cute too!)
  • 5 designs
  • custom thumbnail


Hella Cute Stockings

DOWNLOAD .package Mediafire

*Mika is wearing: Sweater by Momosims, Skirt by Momosims and Shoes by Pixicat.


Twins Newborn Poses By CrazyMary36jonyHi 

I present to you all the newborn (for ”rezised” toddlers) twin poses I used on Angel’s twins =3 As I promised. They aren’t perfect and because the I use toddlers resized and tons of sliders they look very ”glitchy” that’s normal ;) they should be fine in your game.

Tips: Use alt while moving the sims, because with the resizer they don’t fit right away, the only resizer I use is the 75 %

Please tell me if anything is wrong with anything. Errors like images not showing up on the pose list may happen, I’m trying to fix that at the moment with all my poses but I can’t seem to find the problems so, it’s better if you use codes =3

Seth’s selfie pose was not made to be used with a phone but it can be used =3 the arm is positioned as a selfie don’t worry about that ;)

On the zip folder: poses pose list compatible and not, codes with image and tips.

Download: Media/ MegaDropbox 

I really hope you like them =3! Kisses and cookies <’3!!


let me introduce myself

1. the meaning behind my url
2. a picture of me
3. tattoos i have
4. last time i cried and why
5. piercings i have
6. favorite band
7. biggest turn off(s)
8. top 5 (insert subject)
9. tattoos i want
10. biggest turn on(s)
11. age
12. ideas of a perfect date
13. life goal(s)
14. piercings i want
15. relationship status
16. favorite movie
17. a fact about my life
18. phobia
19. middle name
20. anything you want to ask



Hey Ya’ll! 

So this set of undies has been in my projects list for aaages! I literally started it and redid it a few times. Then I saw the Diesel pushup bra meshes Fanaskher edited and decided to re-redo it. I then found myself modifying the edit of the pushup bra to look nicer. For Bottoms, rather than Fanaskher’s Ms. New Booty meshes (which are good, but I wanted something more close to EAxis so that it looked consistent with other EA bottoms) I modified the ITF Bootylicious Leggings to closely match the MNB mesh in terms of looks. Notably this is Part one as two of the bras and panties have slight issues that need ironing out and will be included in a Part two along with some more extras. 

Base Info:

  • The Following Bras& Panty combos are included: Ruffled Meshness, Lacy Balconette, and Mesh Free Ruffle.
  • They don’t require the original Store Items at all.
  • Full Morphs, Pregnancy morphs too.
  • Enabled for random
  • There’s issues with smaller busts I couldn’t figure out, the space between the bust acts odd and juts out with bust slider on minimal levels. 
  • Bras and Panties are combined into one package by set. 


Ruffled Meshness | Mesh Free Ruffles | Lacy Balconette

With this I also am including the Resource Meshes. These have full morphs and are in .WSO  format for TSR Workshop. You only need this if you’re a Creator intending to make anything from these. Standard TOU applies (make sure Fanaskher is credited all the same! she pulled some edits on it too :D). 

Bra | Panty

Emily Nash By simphonious
Skintone by kurasoberina
Eyelashes by S-Club
Lipstick by IN3S
Hair Mesh by Nightcrawler, Retexture by Me (coming soon) 

Title & simlish lyrics are from the song “Jump” by Girls Aloud. 


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