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I made these today for the baby set, a baby bouncer and a new play mat. They’re pretty much done, I just need to add some toys. I have one more thing to make and then it will be ready. I’m still aiming for Friday to release the set. Saturday at the latest….hopefully!

So cute ^-^


Happy October! October is my favorite month, so I figured I’d upload something in celebration.

I’ve had this sitting in my projects folder for like a month, so now I’m gonna upload it because I’m nice like that.

Now, the mesh is not mine. I got it off of turbosquid. The only thing I did to it was scale it down and add a mask. You can find the original mesh here.

Since the mesh is royalty free, I’m able to upload it, but as the mesh isn’t mine it’s important to give proper credit. :)

I really don’t care what you do with it once you’ve got it — make poses for it, retexture it, use it as a part for your own meshes. The only thing I require is credit. Credit to me for getting into the format needed for the game, and credit the the artist on turboquid for making the mesh. DO NOT RE-UPLOAD MY UNMODIFIED WORK.


Now, onto the the technical stuff.

The boppy has 512 polys — which is pretty low, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

It has no function in game — purely decoration. It’s only useable with poses. (I’ll be uploading some poses to go with it shortly)

I wanted it to be as versatile as possible, so there are several presets.

Preset One: Patterns scaled at 2x2 (which will make patterns larger) with one recolorable area.

Preset Two: Scaled at 5x5 (making patterns smaller) with one recolorable area.

Preset Three: Same as Two, but with two recolorable areas — The top side and the bottom side.

Preset Four: Scaled at 3x3 (which is mid-sized patterns), with one recolorable area.

Preset Five: Same as Five, two recolorable areas.



0 inspiration, 0 skills and 100% wish this was a real interaction 

Its that time of year again…

*uses laptop as space heater and headphones as earmuffs*

kbsimmer replied to your post “Im really sorry, but im going to have to unfollow all of the blogs…”

OMG this. I had to unfollow some people because of this reason. They bitch and complain that they get all this hate yet they egg it on by not deleting it. What can you do? They’re just attention seekers.

I agree. Mean trolling anons target them because they know that they will get a rise out of them! I know a few simblrs who delete all anon hate and they just stopped getting it cause it was no fun for the anons anymore. If you ignore it and delete it, and don’t let their message get out there, they are powerless. 

romeo-and-simulet asked: Hi! I keep having problems with your Baby Bandz hair...:/ it looks kinda unfinished and streaky. I wonder if you can help?

Hey! ive got a couple of complaints about that hair lately, so im in the process of fixing it right now (its harder than i thought it would be, considering I actually had it working at one point o.e) But i am currently trying to fix that! 

Anonymous asked: nraas how do u get them

google “sims 3 nraas”
Its even easier than sending me an ask!
Imagine that! 

OMFG SAME. I make one and I play them for one generation and then I’m like oh these people are fucking boring… NEXT.

Im just constantly making new saves with new families like “Maybe this one will be more interesting” BUT TO NO AVAIL 

Im really sorry, but im going to have to unfollow all of the blogs that constantly respond to, provoke and then complain about hate.
Yes, I understand these anons have said horrible things,
But by responding to them and posting that hate, you are enabling and empowering those bullies.
Im sad about this, because i really enjoy the content posted by a lot of these blogs and the people that run them
But I cant watch people enable bullying and hate anymore


Amidst the talk about iPhone bending, I can’t help but to laugh X’D